A few Valentine’s Day facts

A few Valentine’s Day facts

vcm_s_kf_repr_640x448Given that Valentine’s Day is more and more entrenched on the global calender, here are a few bits and pieces of information to put the day (that is a lot more than just a day to get a date with a potential or existing loved one) into context.

How much we spend on love:

  • Australians will spend approximately $791.4 million in anticipation of February 14, up a marginal 1.8% from last year; 14.6 million of these millions are expected to be spent on cards and $93.3 million on flowers – flower sales on Valentine’s Day account for 10% of the total annual turnover for the industry (IBISWorld research 2014).
  • Americans will be sharing 142 million cards this year between existing and wannabe lovers (Yahoo finance website 2014).
  • 74% of all Americans are expected to spend $36.8 billion (average about US $213 each – American Express Spending and Saver tracker) on 233 million roses, and $707 million dollars worth of candy, which is about 127 million pounds, or the weight of six Eiffel Towers!

Historical facts:

  • Saint Valentine’s Day is said to derive from a Christian tradition involving a Pope in 500 AD
  • Richard Cadbury invented the first Valentines Day candy box in the late 1800’s.
  • The earliest Valentine’s Day gifts are believed to have been candies, most commonly chocolates in heart shaped boxes.

Little did these early adopters know about the future development of Valentine’s Day into an economic powerhouse.

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Happy Valentine!