roundtablesanimat-4Momentum has one direct employee and therefore its community involvement is closely aligned with the community involvement of its sole employee and owner.


Below is a list of organisations supported in the past and currently, through memberships, donations, fundraising activities and or volunteering of time and expertise:

Animals Australia
Momentum supports Australia’s leading animal protection organisation which runs investigations and campaigns recognised the world over. Animal Australia aims to unite millions of people who believe in a world where animals are free from cruelty.

Children’s Promise
Ulrike established the Children’s Promise Trust with the kind pro bono assistance of the Freehills and gives time, expertise and funds to the Trust. Children’s Promise aim was to raise funds for a Consortium of charities working to support Australia’s children and young people to realise their full potential.  In 2015 Ulrike transferred the trademark for Children’s Promise to Whitelion.

Clean Ocean Foundation Inc.
Momentum supports the Clean Ocean Foundation through membership. Clean Ocean was set up in December 2000 by a band of dedicated beach users who argued it was time for the relevant authorities to be responsible and move towards sustainability. Clean Ocean’s membership now exceeds 2500 supporters of our mission: To protect our ocean ecosystem and establish sustainable water management practices.

Cure Cancer Australia Foundation

Ulrike is a proud member of the Fundraising Hall of Fame and regularly gives to others who raise funds for the Foundation through their involvement in the CanToo run or swim. CanToo is a program where novices and seasoned athletes alike receive professional coaching, as part of a team, to run or swim in an endurance event, while raising money for breakthrough cancer research

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Momentum supported one ‘Save the Whales’ activist for campaign costs through a donation. Greenpeace is campaigning for an end to commercial whaling and to ensure Japan, Norway and Iceland do not succeed in lifting the ban on whaling. Greenpeace is working on many fronts, through political work, public outreach, finding solutions to whaling and taking non-violent direct action against the whalers at sea.

The Big Issue
Ulrike served on the NSW Committee following several years on the National Board. The Big Issue is an informative, independent magazine and has grown from strength to strength. It’s sold on the streets of towns and cities throughout Australia by people experiencing homelessness or long-term unemployment. The magazine is published fortnightly and sells for $5, half of which is direct income for the vendor. The Big Issue is a magazine that helps people help themselves.

The NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Incorporated
Momentum supports Wires through regular giving, a monthly direct debit contribution which charities love as it gives them security of income through providing regular cash flow. WIRES are the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia. When an echidna is hit by a car, a possum is attacked by a cat or a lizard gets its head stuck in a drink can – WIRES is there to help.


On a more personal level, we have also taken to buying alternative Christmas and birthday presents for family and friends in Australia and overseas:

Oxfam Unwrapped
Oxfam Unwrapped is a collection of life-changing gifts that give twice: once to a friend or loved one and secondly, to those who haven’t got much at all. Check it out! We bought a goat, a football and clean drinking water and the gifts were wonderfully presented and well received.

The Penguin Foundation Phillip Island
Individuals, businesses, government and community organisations can support the Penguin Foundation in a variety of ways. Through funding specific projects or by taking out an ‘Adopt a Penguin Business Membership’ there are levels of benefits and support appropriate to all interests. We have gifted a penguin adoption and a penguin pal to a child; both gifts were beautifully presented and brought information and fun to the receivers.