Ulrike professional photoI established Momentum International Partnership in 2002 and work in a variety of settings all tied together by my desire to achieve long-term, positive social and environmental change.

my services

I mainly work with third sector organisations (Universities; charities: civil society) and the business sector. I love bringing different sectors together and work with all sizes of organisations small and big.

I assist charities to mobilise resources and to connect with the business sector to increase their impact. This often entails meeting with their Boards and staff to design fundraising and social marketing strategies.

I also advise businesses and private individuals on social investments and social impact; about how to set up trusts and foundations, or if they already have a foundation, what it takes to run this type of organisation and the type of grant-making programmes they require to achieve the desired impact.

In addition, I design and facilitate seminars, workshops and roundtables. During many years of working with the corporate and civil society sector I facilitated, designed and implemented a variety of programs that brought together the public, private and civil society sectors to increase awareness of the interdependence of economic, environmental and social issues. I enjoy focusing diverse groups of people on the common ground.

I love social media as a social marketing tool and run a number of accounts for my clients in addition to my own.

my experience

As an international consultant during the past 10 years I have advised numerous corporations including AMEX and Telstra about Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and Sustainability Reporting.

I originally trained as a social scientist at Duesseldorf University in Germany and love teaching internationally through the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law about Business and Human Rights, anti-corruption, Corporate Social Investment and programmes to assist marginalized groups.

As the Special Project Consultant at Centre for Philanthropy and Social Investment based at the Swinburne University in Melbourne I designed and delivered the Centre’s first corporate social investment course which formed part of its pioneering postgraduate course in 2005 and the Centre’s work has led to the establishment of the Centre for Social Impact based at the UNSW.

Prior to setting up my own business I was the Executive Director of the Australian Youth Foundation (now the Foundation for Young Australians) from 1993 to April 2001. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to best invest money into social issues so it actually makes a difference to those people who fall between the cracks of government funded programmes and managed up to 80 state and national programmes at any one time. To this day, I am trying to find ways to better involve the business sector in finding solutions for social problems so we can gain some ground and turn social marginalisation and environmental degradation around.