manthinkBeing a micro enterprise* Momentum could not deliver its services without effective and timely supply of support services from carefully selected suppliers, small and large.


All efforts we make to reduce Momentum’s ecological footprint has to include considerations of the goods and services we select to operate efficiently and effectively. While we don’t have a formal supply chain policy, due to our size, we apply sustainability criteria to the choice of suppliers.

The following is a list of suppliers small and large:

No Name Studio
No Name Studio is an independent, multidisciplinary design studio, producing
intelligent ideas-driven communication solutions for a broad range of clients,
both in Australia and the UK.
Ms Kirsten Davidson

Buckprint Graphics

Buckprint Graphics are printing and photocopying providers owned and operated by PRA, a not-for-profit organisation which provides services for people affected by mental disorders. PRA is a leader in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation, providing a comprehensive range of services and supports. Any surpluses from Buckprint Graphics trading go directly to offset the costs of these programmes.
Mr Peter Tos

The ANZ bank provides all Momentum’s banking services and PayPal is used for online payment solutions for seminar and workshops.

Digitalis provides Momentum’s website hosting and Telstra provides its broadband connection as well as a phone and fax line.

AGSM and MGSM have provided training rooms for seminars and workshops and provide their own catering services.

*In accordance with the definition by The UN Global Compact, businesses between 1 and 10 employees as micro enterprises.