Momentum has professional experience working with a broad range of organizations representing all sectors.

Momentum de-clutters and de-mystifies the vast array of corporate sustainability and responsibility approaches for its clients and brokers partnerships between social profits and businesses. Momentum also works with charities so they are institutionally ready to receive funds from all sectors.

Momentum offers customised consulting and education services.


The response of organisations to the economic, environmental and social challenges, in short, sustainability challenges of the 21st Century will determine their future success. Furthermore, corporate social responsibility initiatives can focus business on its potential as a force for good.

Evidence is mounting that innovative collaborations between business, civil society and governments significantly accelerate positive progress towards sustainable development goals.

Momentum specialises in building corporate social investment programmes, involving business and NGO’s1 with an eye on creating business value and moving towards full integration with the business plan. Components of this work may entail strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and program design focused on a variety of organizations including corporations, foundations, and social profit organizations.

Momentum provides a wide range of services depending on needs to both the corporate and the social profit sectors.


Our services and expertise for corporations include:

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of multi-year strategic corporate social
    investment programs, taking account of global standards, auditing, stakeholder engagement; strategic positioning, internal implementation and measuring and reporting;
  • Audit, benchmark and gap analysis of existing corporate social responsibility programmes and initiatives;
  • Research and strategic analysis of sustainability issues with a focus on social impacts and challenges;
  • Design and facilitation of tailored in-house sustainability training from board room level to shop floor on issues including, human rights and voluntary global standards; integrated sustainability reporting;
  • Assist with sustainability reporting process from auditing of existing initiatives and information systems to publication stage;
  • Develop and review organisations sustainability capacity review including governance; employment and mentoring;
  • Develop genuine, effective, long-term people engagement strategies to improve results and to generate innovation; this is one of Momentum’s key strength; we can organise and manage multiple stakeholder fora and focus diverse groups on common concerns; stakeholders are people and engaging people properly is a primary goal of any credible and well functioning sustainability strategy; and
  • Develop and implement collaborations between business and NGO’s and other multi-stakeholder groups to address social issues including employment, social enterprise, education, health, homelessness, the widening information gap between rich and poor and human rights.


Our services and expertise for social profit organisations include:

Momentum provides advice to social profit organisations on the challenge of embracing economic, environmental and governance issues in line with national and international best practice. This allows social profit organisations to increase institutional effectiveness and to better engage in corporate partnerships.

  • Develop multi-year, mission driven strategic plan with full stakeholder involvement;
  • Conduct board audits (policies, practice and composition) and board engagement strategies including:
    • Beyond strategic planning: How to involve Boards in Growth and Change;
    • Govern more manage less: How to focus board members on strategic issues;
    • Succession planning, self-assessments and evaluation of CEO effectiveness;
    • Overcoming the information gap between professional staff and volunteer board members;
    • Strategies to deal with board dynamics;
  • Develop and implement a corporate cultivation process (increasing the institutional capacity to work with the corporate sector);
  • Audit income generating activities including gaps analysis;
  • Design mission driven, holistic income generating strategies matched by resources and aspirations and realistic, measurable targets;
  • Develop frameworks to measure and report on the social footprint;
  • Design integrated, mission driven sustainability strategies; and
  • Professional development/ mentoring for CEO’s, Board members and corporate partnership executives in line with strategic direction of the organisation.


1. The terms Non-Government-Organisation (NGO) and Not-for-Profit Organisation (NFP) are widely used and recognized. Momentum prefers and advocates the use of the term social profit organisation instead as we believe it is helpful to define an entire sector by what it does: generating social profits rather than by what it does not do or is: non-profit or non-government. Instead, we prefer terms like social economy, social entrepreneur and social profit organizations as it assists in actively focusing those who work for and in this sector on what we are aiming to achieve. It focuses us on setting performance measures and targets to generate social profits.