A favourite mechanism to stimulate debate. Momentum initiates roundtables to ‘push the boundaries’ and to test assumptions and priorities. Momentum also convenes roundtables as part of its client service strategy.


Topics have ranged from the Evolution of the Social Entrepreneur to Diversity: From Blackboard to Boardroom in the 21st Century. Roundtables bring together diverse group of individuals with a passion to explore issues that shape the world and to create solutions to sustainability challenges.

If a roundtable sounds like the thing to do to further your strategy please get in touch!

A roundtable is one which has no ‘head’ and no ‘sides’, and therefore no one person sitting at it is given a privileged position and all are treated as equals. The idea stems from the Arthurian legend about the Knights of the Round table in Camelot.

Today, round tables are often used at conferences involving many parties. The most famous modern round table was the one used for talks between the Communist government and Solidarity in Poland in 1989. Hence, the term ’round table’ is also used figuratively to refer to a peaceful way of achieving a compromise solution.