#EarthHour2017 a decade of turning lights off…

#EarthHour2017 a decade of turning lights off…

Earth Hour 2017

Happy 10th Anniversary Earth Hour!

Congratulations to lasting the distance!

Congratulations Earth Hour  to one decade of persuading the world to turn the lights off for an evening or even the night. What commenced as a simple gimmick has turned into a world wide phenomenon stimulating debate about climate change and environmental issues.

Initially I viewed Earth Hour as a soft campaign making it easy and comfortable for people to indulge in a small gesture and feel good about themselves as they are ‘fighting’ climate change.

But it lasted the distance and is tackling some difficult issues. For example the slaughtering of innocent, beautiful dolphins by Japanese entitled ‘the cove’ airing today on SBS.


Bringing us also the beauty of Australia so we can see what is at stake here if we are complacent and let things continue to get out of control: https://youtu.be/keefdWpsqTM