Eat Less. Care More. Feel Good! How?

Eat Less. Care More. Feel Good! How?

Go Meat Free for a Week! Why?

Can you believe that with an average consumption of 111.5kg per hear per annum Australia is ranked in the top three biggest meat-eating countries in the world per capita? I guess you can – Australians love their meat in all shapes and forms, be it on the BBQ, in a pie or on a Pizza! Nine out of 10 Australians don’t eat enough vegetables, yet when it comes to meat, Australians eat more than double the world average of 41.9kg per person.

This massive consumption of meat apparently compromises our health, and with global meat production predicted to double within six years in line with the growth of the middle classes, we know for a fact, it also raises serious concerns about long-term sustainability of the planet and animal welfare

And that’s where we come to Australia’s annual Meat Free Week to be held from 24-30 March 2014 and dedicated to raising awareness of the amount of meat we eat and the impact it has on human health, the environment and the welfare of animals.

Participants of Meat Free Week are sponsored to go without meat, including seafood, for seven days in order to raise funds for one of three leading charities – Bowel Cancer Australia (health), The Australian Conservation Foundation (environment) and Voiceless, the animal protection institute (animal protection).

And for those of you who go: ‘oh no, what am I going to eat if I can’t eat meat, I’ll starve…’ fear not! Because leading chefs Simon Bryant, Belinda Jeffery and Bill Granger are among many other chefs who put together a range of delicious meat-free recipes which can all be found on the Meat Free Week website!  So what are you waiting for? Join the fun, do something for your health and the health of the planet and sign up right here, right now!!!!

 “ Ultimately, our goal is to get Australians thinking and talking about the amount of meat they eat and how it’s produced. When it comes to our eating habits, a small change can make a huge difference. In 2014, we are thrilled to be fundraising for three highly respected charities”.

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