Valentine’s Day – it’s about love, isn’t it?

Valentine’s Day – it’s about love, isn’t it?

20130209-081937.jpgDid you know that Saint Valentine’s Day is said to derive from a christian tradition involving a Pope in 500 AD?

These days, Valentine’s Day has become a symbol for consumerism with ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her and ‘experiences’ at varying costs being promoted relentlessly weeks before the occasion. I resent the commercialisation of such a precious gift: the love and affection between two lovers. And that is why I am making the case for no Valentine’s Day or slow Valentine’s Day – borrowing from the slow cooking movement -and it goes like this:

  • decorate and handwrite your valentine’s card instead of buying one off the shelf;
  • cook your partners favourite meal for a candle lit dinner;
  • make your own chocolates;
  • choose a lovely spot for a picnic;
  • set up a perfect match for a single friend;
  • watch Romeo and Juliet;
  • if you are old enough: make love (not war) and
  • buy nothing!

And for the single’s out there who may be especially lonely on Valentine’s Day there is an alternative movement called ‘ singles awareness day’ celebrated between the 13th and 15th of February.

What do you think about Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate it?

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So long!

  • Mel

    Great approach Ulrike. Valentine’s Day should be about the meaning, not the consumerism! I’m liking the picnic idea a lot :)

  • Thanks Mel, I should have probably said BBQ for the boys… but a picnic is so much more romantic!

  • Meryl

    I agree too. It’s become a real issue in some relationships with the expectation exceeding the reality. Pick your own day during the year and celebrate your personal relationship with a big hug ! Or make every day “hug” day. Mx

  • I can imagine that for a lot of people, particularly men, the pressure is on to come up with something to impress the woman of their dreams and it often is reflected in $$$ value of the gift or experience. We just have to make it fashionable to be different!

  • Love it! We had a similar approach one Christmas, we made each other gifts and spent the day celebrating being togther… it was very different and simply lovely