How to find Happiness?

How to find Happiness?

Why we need the International Day of Happiness

Some say that emphasising happiness actually makes us unhappy because we can’t be on a high all the time and might be putting too much pressure on ourselves. However, the definition of happiness is much broader than a particular feeling and relates to how content we are with our life.

“Happiness is about our lives as a whole: it includes the fluctuating feelings we experience everyday but also our overall satisfaction with life. It is influenced by our genes, upbringing and our external circumstances – such as our health, our work and our financial situation. But crucially it is also heavily influenced by our choices – our inner attitudes, how we approach our relationships, our personal values and our sense of purpose.” quoted from

“Happiness is neither a frivolity nor a luxury. It is a deep-seated yearning shared by all members of the human family.” – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, 2014

Increasing Rates of Depression

There are so many unhappy, depressed people, a growing percentage of whom take regular medication to get through the day. Some can’t find a way out of the depression other than to end their lives. Only 10% of our perceived happiness derives from our income and environment.

If we can influence our state of mind by our daily choices it makes sense to teach and learn habits which equip us to cope with the demands of the 21st century. Thereby avoiding medication which may have many unintended and undesirable side effects.

The research shows that we need a change of priorities, both at the societal level and as individuals. Happiness and fulfillment come:

  • less from material wealth and more from relationships;
  • less from focusing on ourselves and more from helping others;
  • less from external factors outside our control and more from the way in which we choose to react to what happens to us.

Quoted from

How Can We Make Ourselves Happier?

World Happiness

World Happiness Day 2017

Knowing that can influence how we feel through what we think and do creates the impetus to do our best to make ourselves happy.  It appears that a little less focus on our self-development and fulfilment and more focus on caring for others will help on the way.

You can find 10 keys to happier living here as well as in-depth information about the philosophy behind this approach.

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Money can buy happiness, or can it?

We have known this for a while and it makes complete common sense, but as they say, common sense is not that common!  Money can’t buy happiness, however economic prosperity appears to have a hand it perceived happiness after all. Have a look yourself and see what you think:
Let’s be part of an emerging international movement of action for happiness.