how to keep happy

how to keep happy

If you  do a lot of things at once with few resources, need to deal with negativity and at the same time, need to keep your energy levels up, these strategies might help you too to keep balanced and happy.

Here it goes*:

1. Take stock.

What do you like doing?  What is frustrating you? Focus on the bigger issues. Which of the things that frustrate you can you change and which are beyond your control? Don’t waste time on the latter. Identify and remind yourself of your goals and values. Be honest.

2. Eat well and set exercise goals.

If you are a meat eater and wine lover, commit to 2 or 3 meat & alcohol free evenings and walk at least 10,000 steps each day. You mind and body will love you for it!

3. Make sure to sleep enough.

Most of us need 7 to 8 hours sleep per night. Sleeplessness can have all sorts of side effects like depression, loss of concentration and weight gain.

4. Be kind!

Being kind to others (altruism) and giving money away to good causes actually makes us feel happy and boosts the immune system! So not only is it the right thing to do, but now there is a health reason to be kind.

How lovely!

5. Focus on solutions rather than problems and unimportant detail.

Solution focused thinking – setting goals, disengaging from problems and using personal resources – is strongly associated with happiness and well-being.

 6. Be grateful.

The more we exercise gratitude, the more we align ourselves with good. To appreciate the good things is a subjective experience and according to research can , the more we will notice the good things? The opposite is also true.

7. Connect with others and participate in your community.

We now know that feelings of isolation and loneliness can have negative health impacts and chronic loneliness can lead to physical and mental health problems.

8. Slow down and be mindful.

We often hurry through life and don’t allow time for experiences to settle. Take time to reset your ‘inner clock’ at least once a day instead of rushing from one thing to the next.

Why not try it out and let me know what you think! Or maybe you have your own strategies to keep mentally and physically well.

* This list has been adapted from one I came across years ago and I don’t know its author. Otherwise I would have linked to the original or credited the person who inspired this post.


  • Great advice. I have found that being kind to others as well as yourself is super important for happiness. Many people live their whole lives beating themselves up and are unhappy, never realising that they deserve to treat themselves with kindness and can learn how to do that.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Christel. It is amazing how many people are unhappy when there is so much they could be happy about. It seems the better we are off materially the worse our mental state is…

  • The only thing I am not getting quite right at the moment is sleep! It’s a work in progress though. Two months ago, I actually set myself a challenge to walk at least 10,000 steps a day and quickly realised I did that anyway, just around the house! So I increased my goal to 13,000, then 14,000 and then 15,000! Right now, my goal sits back down at 10,000 as I’ve been spending a lot of time writing but yet I’m still finding time to take those steps.

    Taking care of yourself is so important and as a mum, I see this as vital.

    • You are very good walking so many steps and thanks so much for your thoughtful commnent! I find everything works together. Enough sleep, good food, keeping fit and down time, as opposed to over-stimulation.

  • This is very true. Living in the west we are told if we are unhappy we should buy more stuff, but it never satisfies the soul:)

  • As I get older I’m getting better at all of these. Current challenge – getting those 10,000 steps in. I’m getting nowhere close! I also need to drink more water. Those are the two things I’m focussing on for the next little while. Funny, my last post was about happiness to – must be something in the water! lol

    • Drinking 2 litres of water can be difficult although I now read that tea counts towards the 2 litres and that makes is a lot easier for me as I love tea in all flavours… If you like, please post a link to your happiness post here so other people can visit it.

  • Ohhh 10,000 steps would be so far from what I do most days! Especially since I write in bed!! Maybe I should get a step counter… I think I would find that motivating! I also think that being useful makes you happy. And also achieving personal goals – or working towards them anyway!

    • Step-counters are excellent, I got one recently after a longish break and it really helps me pushing myself to get at least the 10,000 steps in every day. Achieving goals is wonderful too, you are so right, it makes me really happy and I feel lighter afterwards.