hybrid flowers at the Byron Bay farmers markets – let’s get real!

hybrid flowers at the Byron Bay farmers markets – let’s get real!

Beach...The Byron Bay Farmers Market is doomed!  Why? A hybrid flower stall turned up not long ago and selling these particular, non local, non native varieties of flowers point towards a bigger issue. Because hybirds are artificially refined.  Because of us manipulating nature to ‘improve’ it without consideration of unintended consequences or in the worst case scenario, through simple carelessness.

For more than two decades I have been in love with Byron Bay due to its natural beauty and as an experiment in sustainable living – healthy living on a small footprint in harmony with the environment.

100’s of yoga classes are offered here everyday, the small town had two vibrant organic food shops for humpteen years and  inspired organic farming and reforrestation projects have evolved over the years and resulted in, not just crops but the creation of value adding products like mueslies, cheeses and coffees to name just a few. Byron Bay was a mecca for vegetarians, vegans and those who were looking for chemical & hormone free products combined with self-exploration.

Farmers Markets  fit in well here with their commitment to clean, fresh, local produce at affordable prices. But they need to tighten their rules if they are to meet the expectations of the modern sustainable lifestyle tribe.  The local website states: “Come and see our great range of fresh seasonal produce grown locally in the greater Northern Rivers region.” And the website  states that both type of farming methods, those who don’t use chemicals and those who do, happily coexist.

Byron Bay Farmers Market could and should stand for more than locally grown – as much as buying local is a good start – if the market is to reach its full potential as an expression of sustainable living. The market should encapsulate all the elements of producing clean &  fresh food and ensure that, just because Byron is on THE MAP now, it won’t turn into just another coastal holiday destination but can keep its cutting edge as a successful experiment in sustainable living.

It will pay off in the long run! What do you think? I would love to hear your views!

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  • Adriana

    I totally agree with your view and concerns. In calling something “Byron Bay Farmers Market” it should seek to showcase the best available in sustainable growers produce, focussing on local and chemical free. Why should Byron Bay locals settle for anything less?