hello cool world!

hello cool world!

true love between two speciesThis blog is an opportunity to voice our uncensored views and share ideas with others. It focusses on individual action and corporate sustainability activities to assist us to reconcile our lifestyles and corporate behaviour with the needs of society.

The blog will be managed by me, Ulrike Schuermann alias chief blogger. My passions are social justice, the environment and positive social change – which is an increasingly difficult challenge considering the current state of the world.  My desire to stimulate positive change has influenced the choices I have made to date.

Having been educated in Germany at the University of Duesseldorf in adult Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogic I tend to drift towards educating and sharing the lessons I learn with as many others as possible. I love to de-clutter and de-mystify the vast array of corporate sustainability and responsibility approaches and create meaning for those who work in these areas. I also love to focus diverse groups of people on common ground to achieve results.

And to keep myself interested and stimulated I work across most sectors and disciplines, however, as the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability matures it is becoming more challenging to stay abreast of developments and some degree of specialisations will emerge over time.

My general topics of interest are sustainable development & the Millennium Development Goals, corporate social responsibility and social investment, sustainability reporting as a means to an end, Business and Human Rights, Philanthropy, generating social profit, fundraising, collaborations and social marketing.

In other words it is about how we can mobilise resources in the business, government and social sectors to make the world a better place. I have a soft spot for animals and anything or anybody who doesn’t have a voice or is marginalised due to no fault of their own and a tendency to speak for them – invited or not!

Unlike the Momentum website, the blog allows for interaction and we can’t wait to engage in dialogue with our readers.

  • Congratulations on launching your blog! I love the orangatan photo. Bless you for all the ways you share and care. “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir

  • Ulrike

    Thank you Martha, I love that photo too, it is such a great example of cross species friendship and what is possible in the world! Don’t they look happy together!! Very fitting quote, and ghee, have we been tugging…. Ulrike