making money with meaning

Money makes the world go around. Our approach to making money through this blog and website is the same as our approach to making money generally. This website is independently run. We aren’t captive to anybody’s interest and don’t promote products and issues that aren’t aligned with our values.

Finding products and affiliations that are consistent with the values expressed on this website and blog is difficult.  For a start, we don’t want to promote increased consumption, on the contrary, we are promoting a simpler lifestyle with less ‘stuff” and more meaning.

From time to time we endorse trialed & tested products and services which are aligned with our approach and work.

The emphasis is on trialed and tested.  We don’t recommend any products we don’t know and wouldn’t use or have not used ourselves, in most cases we have used these products and found them very effective in achieving our goals.  We don’t promote products unrelated to our line of work just for the sake of promoting the product and earning a commission.

And while we recommend products based on our own experience, we don’t direct market products out of  context.