The best Mother’s Day present

The best Mother’s Day present

There is something unifying about Mother’s Day that few other commemorative days have to offer – we all have a mother and wouldn’t be in this world without her (our fathers have played a minor role of course… but that is a story for another day.)

Mother’s Day is for all of us and, regardless of circumstance, is an opportunity to cherish women for what they bring to the world. Women, like men are diverse human beings and come in all shapes and forms. Women are not perfect by any means however, today is not about a balanced discussion about the complexity and diversity of women.

Mother’s Day is simply a day to thank your mother for what she has done for you.

Showing that we are thankful is important and doesn’t require any money. It is all about love and love can’t be bought. So don’t be tempted to take the easy way out and run to the shops. Instead, dig deep and come up with authentic, meaningful expressions of your relationship.

The best Mother’s Day present ever: the gift of quality time. The most precious thing in life is time well spent with our loved ones and giving the gift of time spent together showing ones love and appreciation for one another is the most important gift of them all.

We all know that material things don’t buy us happiness.

And it has been scientifically proven. It seems the more we have the unhappier we become. Time spent with loved ones on the other hand does make us happier, in particular, if those loved ones are your children.

For further reading about the origins of Mother’s Day, gifts that don’t cost the earth and Mother’s Day and childless women please refer to – Reflections on Mother’s Day

  • Awww thanks for the reminder of Mothers Day! It’s true material things don’t buy happiness, but sometimes it’s nice to get a little surprise in the mail :) I will do both this year, a surprise and plenty of gratitude :)

    • I know, a lot of mothers probably go: oh no, I want my flowers/ pressies etc… and it is hard when you live away from home. You could still plan a trip or something for when you will see your mother next time to allow a few days of quality time…

  • I like the idea of Mother’s Day being for everyone, to celebrate women in general!