Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t cost the world…

Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t cost the world…

We all want to love and be loved and that’s one of the reasons why the notion of Valentine’s Day is spreading around Valentine's Daythe world – as well as the assistance from corporate marketing teams who don’t miss an opportunity to increase product sales, of course.

Let’s take this opportunity and embrace this special day for lovers from all walks of life and co-opt the agenda for a green and sustainable Valentine’s Day, and at the same time  do our bit to spread the love.  Surely love and sustainable living is compatible!

Here are a few ideas for a loved up Valentine’s Day:

  • approach somebody you have been wanting to ask out for a while and do it – ask them out on a date;
  • decorate and hand-write your valentine’s card instead of buying one off the shelf;
  • cook your partners’ favourite meal for a candle-lit dinner;
  • make your own heart-shaped chocolates or biscuits;
  • choose a lovely spot for a picnic;
  • compile a list of love songs;
  • set up a perfect match for a single friend;
  • watch Romeo and Juliet;
  • if you are old enough – make love (not war); and
  • last but not least – show your love for the planet and buy nothing!

And for the single’s out there who may be  lonely on Valentine’s Day there is an alternative movement called ‘singles awareness day’ celebrated between the 13th and 15th of February.

Apparently Valentine’s Day offers a particularly good opportunity to exploit those in search of love. This post outlines five potential scams to be wary about.

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So long!