NYC Oct 2010 (16)Bicycle riding to benefit our health, pocket and planet!

Car and bicycle sharing schemes have emerged from urban centres worldwide as a new form of sustainable transport. More and more commuters are navigating our urban environment by bicycles and cities are coming to terms with accommodating cyclists. We are also discovering cycling as a fun family activity supported by the evergrowing network of cycling ways.

There is a growing list of resources available starting with bicycle shops and an ever increasing choice of guides on where to ride. One such resource is the Bicycling Australia’s ‘Where to Ride Sydney’ guide by Simon Hayes. This practical guide covers Sydney and surrounds with plenty of bike rides for adults of any fitness level and one part of the guide deals exclusively with areas suitable for children to learn bicycle riding.

The series also offers cycling guide books on Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Tasmania, Adelaide and South East Queensland and can be purchased online for $34.95