How to turn half the world vegetarian in an instant!

Experts have warned of the climate implications of meat production for several years now and beef is particularly damaging. Decaying manure and flatulent cows release methane, a greenhouse gas. In addition, the production of only 1kg of meat requires 15 kg or grain and 30 kg of forage. Grain in turn needs to be fertilised which requires further energy.

Hence, it would be really beneficial if we could move towards a vegetarian or vegan diet, financially to lighten the cost of climate change mitigation and to speed up reduction of green house gas emissions in the first place.

If you are like me and grew up eating lovely meals centered around meat you probably love the memory of these wonderful lunches and dinners in the company of family and friends and associate a great meal with meat.¬† I have been struggling to give up meat alltogether and loved the idea put forward by Graham Hill, the founder of Treehugger: “why I am a weekday vegetarian” for providing us with this simple and compelling interim solution to the dilemna:

For more information go to the New Scientist’s article ” how eating less meat could cut climate costs”.

Going a lot further and looking at the issue wholistically is Mark Bittman about “What is wrong with what we eat?”