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a suite of lifestyle choices during the big transition for kindred souls

10 Tips How to Set up a Worm Farm – A Quick Guide.
Why Farm Worms? Compost is an essential resource in any garden. Even in a small space, container gardening will be[...]
Single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t stress – it has it’s benefits!
You are single on Valentine's Day - you are not alone! World-wide, the single person household is growing rapidly in[...]
Green Valentine’s Day 2016 for greenie sweethearts
What is Valentine's Day about ? If love is an embrace, a kiss, caring and feeling – a fondness or[...]
Bottled Water
Bottled water is redundant. Today, water is a readily available commodity and consumer item in industrialised nations. We have the[...]
Bicycle Riding
Bicycle riding to benefit our health, pocket and planet! Car and bicycle sharing schemes have emerged from urban centres worldwide[...]
Reduce not off(jet)set!
The sustainability mantra of the 21st century ought to be: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE & OFFSET - in THAT priority order.[...]
Going Grey
Going-grey-is-financially-rewarding-and-makes-ecosense! Apparently 8% of men do not know the real haircolour of their wives... approximately 70% of women and up[...]
Part-time vegetarians
How to turn half the world vegetarian in an instant! Experts have warned of the climate implications of meat production[...]
Organic Produce
Organic produce - the real growth market! Organic produce are big business these days as evidenced by the large supermarkets[...]